• Jordans International School

Behind the scene

Rachel D'souza, Board Member

Being one of our core board member she has actively helped Jordans to balance our curriculum. Her 21 years of experience working as Perinatal Nurse was crucial to understand kids and in turn helping us improve our curriculum regularly. She was in Oman till 2005 and is currently residing in Canada and her passion for kids is whats made her associate with Jordans.

Jenefa Vijay, Director

Her passion & desire to provide quality early experience to kids led to the emergence of Jordans. She wanted to build an experience for kids who should remember their early years at school as a joyful, fun filled time of their life. Her passion for kids and her valuable management skills is the main asset for us, she is both the organizer and the creative spark of Jordans. Apart from kids, she loves music & interior designing & can sing too.

Vijay Ratnakumar, Board Member

Backed by his experience in succesfully establishing VJ School of Music & Sudio01, Vijay actively participitates in devloping young minds at Jordans. His leadership skills and extensive knowledge in various fields will add value to our kids. He designed advanced phonics skills to be delivered in a very modern way & also the person behind our Student management systems. He is actively involved in designing curriculum & in establishing several unique features & facilities that makes Jordans one of the best School in town.